Amarillo sure does seem to like our trends. When we open up a new restaurant it seems like we not only open one type, we open a couple of the same. I am not sure why. It just seems weird.

What Do Yo Mean We Get Multiple Restaurants?

Here are the examples off the top of my head. We wanted Cajun food? We got Lazy Gator, The Lost Cajun and even Drunkin Oyster all at about the same time. Oh we love our chicken restaurants so we got Raising Canes, Slim Chickens and Golden Chick.

Then we needed more Italian restaurants so we got Valore and Mickey's in Canyon and Grill Italia (I mean if it is open for good that is.)

Now I am not complaining. I am all for as many restaurants as we can support as long as they are good. So the next hole that we really have been missing is a good place for seafood.

Oh how Amarillo has taken their trends with that as well. We ha haven't had a chance to go even try that place out when this news came out:

Crackin' Crab was already getting a location on Western. It doesn't look like it has even opened up yet when they are working on a second location already. The second location will be on Soncy. They are taking over the former Pei Wei location.

So another seafood boil place is opening up here in Amarillo. Two different locations for Crackin' Crab. Yes, it is good to see that the Pei Wei location will not sit empty anymore.

I know that celebrities seem to pass in threes. Now it looks like Amarillo gets new restaurants in threes as well. Who would have thought?

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