Fall and Spring are my two favorite seasons.  Since Fall is here, I thought I'd share my favorite reasons to love fall.

The Colors:

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When the leaves start turning it is like looking at real life painting.  It's like the angels take a paint brush and start painting everything in bold bright and dark colors.


The Fall Food:


Soups, chili, Hot Chocolate, the best thing of fall is fall baking. I love fall foods!


Cheaper Utility Bills

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The fall season is nice because you aren't running the AC full blast and you might have to run the heater occasionally, so the bills are low and for a second you get to financially take a breath.


I like Halloween.  It is just a fun time for the kids to get out and have some fun.  Yes, some people can dig deeper and make it something evil, but for me it is just a day for the kids to dress up and collect a ton of candy.  That and maybe the adults can dress up as well.

I know I should have put football on here, but I'm not a big football fan!  Don't judge me! :0)