UPDATE: The leaked photo from the 'Fantastic Four' set was taken down upon request from Fox. You can respond appropriately (see above), and stay tuned for official looks.

'Fantastic Four,' the first in the rebooted film franchise coming from 'Chronicle' director Josh Trank, is still heavy into production with stars Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Miles Teller and Jamie Bell. The team is so busy, in fact, that they couldn't even make it to Comic-Con 2014, despite earlier reports. However, while we've been robbed in our desire for a first look from the convention, we might have just got one anyway.

A behind-the-scenes photo, tweeted by Justified Films, seemingly depicts a molded bust of The Thing, the Hulk-like member of The Fantastic Four made entirely from stone. The green screen in the background and the motion-capture markers tell us this is a pre-CG rendering of the character, though no other information was given, so take this leak with a grain of salt for the time being. However, it's pretty cool nonetheless.

Jamie Bell of AMC's Revolutionary War drama 'Turn' is set to play Ben Grimm/The Thing in 'Fantastic Four,' which is said to be an entirely different take on Marvel's first family than we've previously received. Taking inspiration from the entire comic book canon, as opposed to one singular story arc, the film is said to portray these characters before they even know what a superhero is. Jordan and Mara portray sibling heroes Human Torch/Johnny Storm and Invisible Woman/Sue Storm, while Teller portrays Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards and Toby Kebbell of 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' is our new Victor von Doom.

'Fantastic Four' will hit theaters June 19, 2015.