One of the best ways to spend an afternoon as a kid is at the local go kart track. We would spend every last dime we had scraped together on riding go karts, eating nachos, and swilling soda. Recently, I had a nostalgic craving to relive my former glory days on the go kart track.

If you're feeling like taking in a few laps, here are places where you can find go karts to ride in Amarillo.

I've Got Good News...And I've Got Bad News

Growing up, I remember there being all kinds of places to ride go karts. It seemed like everywhere I went as a kid in Oklahoma, go karts were everywhere. Surely, Amarillo would have several options available.

There's not as many as you'd think.

First, hats off to the kiddos who are learning the ins and outs of racing thanks to the competitive go kart tracks we have in town. I doubt, though, that I'll be able to go pay ten bucks and do some laps at lunch time at those places.

So, where's a guy to go?

Is Sports World Really The Only Place I Can Go In Amarillo For Go Karts?

Nothing against Sports World. Honestly. They've got mini golf, go karts, video games; but that can't really be the only place in town I can get a go kart fix.


If you're to believe Google, then yeah. It's the only option.

Now, if I was a 12 year old doing my best to live out a miniature version of Days of Thunder, then I would have more options. These places are not for the recreational go kart driver, like myself. These tracks are for true competition, and it's honestly pretty impressive. You can check it out here.

It is wholly possible that the great and all knowing Internet does, in fact, not know all things and that there is a place hidden away where I can go and let my stress melt away on a go kart track.

Otherwise, it's Sports World. I'm fine with that.

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