It's been a while, but I wrote an article at one point wishing we had more options for places to ride go karts in a recreational way. I found plenty of opportunities for kids to learn the fine art of racing, but nothing for a guy in his 30s that just wants to blow off some steam.

Then this place popped up. Have you seen this track? It's unbelievable.

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First Of All, Which Did Go Karts Get So Cool?

This is my big question. Watch some of the video below. It looks like a is a professional...broadcast of kart racing. When did this happen?!

There's commentary, multiple camera angles, lap name it. I think they only thing they're lacking is having a pit crew wearing microphones. Honestly, I was impressed.

Second of all, I wish I had known this was a thing when I was a kid. I sucked at baseball, but dominated on the go kart track. I would have sunk all of my adolescent angst into racing, instead of just frustrating my coach because I didn't want to catch a fastball in the teeth.

I Need To Check Out This Track In Amarillo

So this video I found on YouTube was filmed during round 3 of the Texas Sprint Racing Series. It was held in Amarillo at the Amarillo Kart Complex.

One, the track and facilities look really nice from what I can see in the video. Honestly, it's better than anything I drove a kart on while growing up.

Two, check out that view. You can see traffic from the interstate going by. Then you have that big, giant, panhandle of Texas sky. It would be a lot of fun to race with that as the backdrop.

Three, I will admit that once or twice while watching this video I giggled thinking about banana peels, red turtle shells, and the music from Star Road.

Hats Off To Amarillo Kart Complex

Checking out their website, they offer all kinds of racing action. They even cater to guys in their 30s who just need to blow off some me. There's also a league, and obviously they host races.

I'm still scratching my head wondering when go karts became so cool.

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