Catching a tiger by the tail cannot possibly be more frightening than this.

A tiger sleeping at the Dublin Zoo went ballistic when another tiger sauntered over and woke it up.

A boy who happened to be watching the scene on the other side of the glass quickly walked away, petrified at what he was seeing.

You can’t really blame the sleeping tiger, can you? We’ve all been there when someone decides to ruin a perfectly good slumber for reasons we can’t possibly fathom. Heck, it’s practically written in the set of guidelines obeyed by little brothers everywhere (and siblings know a thing or two about causing trouble).

It’s definitely an eye-popping moment and shows that, even if they are the same species, animals won’t think twice about savagely letting everyone know who’s boss. Even we humans are not above it. Donald Trump has practically made a living doing that, right?

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