It's time to celebrate America's birthday with a bang!

If your family's Fourth Of July traditions include fireworks, get ready to stock up! Starting this Friday (June 24th) you can load up on all the sparklers, Black Cats, and poppers you want!

Local favorite stands like TNT and Alamo Fireworks  will return to their normal locations outside the city limits, but this season, some new guys are in town!

Shoot for the Moon Fireworks will be selling fireworks to Amarillo for the first time this year. With over 100 feet of shelving filled with product, Shoot for the Moon is rumored to have the biggest selection in our area. Owner Jon Haristion said "You're not going to see the same thing on the shelves, you are going to see new stuff all the way down."

You must be 18 and up to buy fireworks in the state of Texas and the City of Amarillo is in the midst of a burn ban with fines ranging from $500 to $2,000. Be safe this Independence Day!

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