There was quite a bit of dust as you made your way into the makeshift parking lot at John Stiff Park, The combination of no rain and dying grass made for the perfect storm as I parked. But there was more than that in the air. Getting out of the car, you're immediately taken by the sounds of thousands of folks who in some cases have traveled several hours singing in harmony with the Newsboys. For a moment something amazing happened. A large crowd gathered and it wasn't demonstrations or political agendas.. It was a moment of unity. Franklin Graham had come to Amarillo

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The God Loves You Tour

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Franklin Graham is in the middle of a long 2000 mile journey along the Mother Road that started in Joliet, Illinois near Chicago and will ultimately end up in San Bernardino, California. Which is the first major outing for him since the pandemic began last year. Amarillo is basically the halfway point on the old route. (If you wanna get technical, it's Adrian is the halfway point, but we're close enough) The weather cooperated and Sunday afternoon Franklin Graham took the stage at John Stiff Park.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

The crowd witnessed a sermon that basically covered all that is going on today and in a style like his father before him Franklin offered hope and salvation to the faithful. The Crowd in Amarillo certainly took it in. Speaking with a few folks in the Crowd I had found couples and families who had come from as far as San Angelo, Albuquerque and even Denver and the consensus was simply the same. It wasn't about the drive it was simply the message of the Gospel and hope in what many consider troubled times.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

The tour moves on down Route 66 with a stop in Albuquerque Tuesday at the Expo New Mexico grounds. Do you have pictures to share? Submit them on our App!

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