Think back to when news broke about the parking meters that were going in downtown. Everyone was aggravated, some outright angry, and others merely confused. It seems the City has decided to cut us all a break.

Yes, there is free parking in downtown Amarillo now. Yes, there is a catch.

What Is The Catch To Amarillo's Free Parking Downtown?

First, you're still going to need the ParkMobile App. A press release issued by the City of Amarillo went into details on how to get the free parking.

You didn't think you'd just be able to pull up and park all willy-nilly did you?

In order to cash in on your free parking, you're going to need to have the app on your phone. You'll also need to keep an eye out for the "parking zone number located on the green signs at the beginning and end of each block."

I have a hard enough time keeping up with the one-way signs downtown, now I need to look for zones and numbers, and the color green too?

There Is A Time Limit On Free Parking

If you were thinking that enjoying the free parking downtown would be as simple as looking for numbers on signs in certain zones, you would be mistaken.

You'll only have 30 minutes at your disposal before you will be charged for parking.

The idea is that 30 minutes is enough time to take care of a quick errand or pick up something. The free parking is really only designed to for really quick trips.

The press release states that the app will alert you when your time is getting close to up, which is handy, and that you will have an opportunity to purchase more time if you want.

The going rate for a piece of prime parking real estate downtown is a dollar an hour.

Free Parking Started Today (12/01/22)

For those who have quick errands to run downtown, it must feel like 2022 is closing by going full circle. Free parking is yours, once again, in downtown Amarillo.

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