You've seen them. They're everywhere. The many painted horses of Amarillo are all over town, with a large number of them gathering downtown.

Where Did The Painted Horses In Amarillo Come From?

From a painted mommy and daddy horse, of course.

In all honesty, they're part of a project that was used to help raise funds for Center City. Several groups came together to help get the project off the ground, and once it took off, local businesses were able to sponsor horses.

Not only was it used to help raise funds, but it also highlights local art.

Sarah Clark/TSM
Sarah Clark/TSM

Yes, The Painted Horses All Have A Unique, Individual Name

This is the most interesting part to me. All of the horses have a specific name. For instance, the horse that can be found at the Fire Department on Van Buren is named "Blaze."

The one pictured above is at Music Box, and you can see the reference to different styles and eras of tattoo.

How Many Painted Horses Are There In Amarillo

Well, according to the website that is dedicated to these horses (yes they have their own home on the web) there are over 90 of these painted horses loitering about.

In fact, they stretch beyond just Amarillo and have even popped up in Dumas and Bushland.

Use The Website To Take Your Own "Tour De Painted Equines" In Amarillo

You can use Center City's website as a guide on setting up your own Painted Horse tour. Or better yet, you can keep reading and see them without ever having to leave the comfort of your couch.

Here are the ones you can find downtown...

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