In Texas, we tend to take a little extra pride in our appearance. For the most part, people in the Lone Star State are well-groomed and tend to always look their best. A recent study found that when it comes to personal hygiene, Texas is one of the top states in the nation.

What Sets Texas Apart? We're Cleaner Than Most.

The study, which was conducted by Compare the Market AU, found that Texas ranks third in the US when it comes to personal hygiene. You can find the full results of the study by following this link. It doesn't really fit the tough and rugged cowboy image many people have in their minds. In that version of Texas, we're all sweaty and haven't really bathed in a while. The truth is, we're one of the top states for taking care of ourselves.

What Personal Hygiene Habits Are Most Popular In Texas?

Other than bathing, it seems that Texas has an obsession with deodorant. That's the top thing that Texans are searching for when it comes to personal hygiene. It's understandable if you've ever experienced a summer in the Lone Star State. It gets hot, and it can get stinky.

We're also supposedly obsessed with body scrubs and hand wash. We also are very concerned with our faces. Face cleanser is big in Texas.

Which States Does Texas Beat?

The most interesting state that Texas beat in this study is New York. It was very close between the Empire State and the Lone Star State. New York came in 4th. California was 5th.

The one state most concerned with personal hygiene was Kansas. I assume that's because there's nothing else to do there. I say this as a person who has lived in Kansas. There's little else to do but engage in some personal hygiene.

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