This morning on Mornings on Mix With Lori, Lacey with Gold's Gym stopped by to answer your fitness questions.  Fitness is important to your overall health and when you are exercising right it makes your workout even better.  So every other Thursday on Mix, Lacey will stop by to answer your questions.  This morning Karen asked about achieving your target heart rate.


Karen sent us an email asking Lacey about her target heart rate.

When working out I know a person should reach their target heart rate for optimal fitness, but how do you know what your personal target heart rate is and if you aren’t hitting it, are you getting worthwhile workout.


I thought this was a great question from Karen because I have often wondered the same thing myself.  What my target heart rate in order for me to achieve my optimal workout.  Lacey had a formula that will help you determine your target heart rate.  Yes it's math but it's good math.

Target Heart Rate Formula

220 X Age = A

A X 70% =

A X 85% =

For example:

220 - 30 = 190

190 X 70% + 133

190 X 85% = 161

So the target heart rate for a 30 year old is between 133-161.

So now that you know how to find your target heart rate you can get your optimal workout.


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