Growing up in the rural expanses of western Oklahoma, I loved taking an afternoon to explore the area's back roads. Here is a list of "ghost towns" you might find by exploring some of the "less traveled" roads in the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles.

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    Glenrio is located along old Route 66 and actually sits on the Texas/New Mexico border. This led to some crafty planning when it came to opening businesses.

    For instance, when it came to the hotel and the local bar they were located on the New Mexico side of town. The Texas side was in a dry county at the time.

    There is plenty left standing for you to see should you drive through.

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    Medicine Mound

    Named after the dolomite mounds that can be seen in the distance from the town, Medicine Mound still has several buildings standing today. There is even a museum and four historical markers that commemorate the town.

    This "ghost town" is a favorite among back road explorers as there is still plenty left standing to see.

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    Adobe Walls

    Located southeast of Stinnett, this "ghost town" started out as a trading post before turning into a ranching community. Located near the Canadian River, this town is the home of two major battles of the plains. The second of which eventually led to the relocation of Native Americans to Oklahoma.

    In 1978 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in Texasj. In '79 it was recognized as a Texas archaeological site.

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    You can find this town in the northwestern portion of Hansford County, near the Oklahoma border.

    It began as an industrial camp during WWII. Much of the town was later relocated as it was considered a liability for residents to live so close to a plant storing potentially explosive materials.

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    Beer City, Oklahoma

    Located in the Oklahoma panhandle, this ghost town is pretty much that. Nothing but a ghost.

    According to legend, Beer City was founded south of Liberal, Kansas in what was yet to be the Oklahoma panhandle. At that time, no one had a claim to the land except for outlaws and Native Americans.

    Beer City sprang up as a refuge for those who wanted a night in a brothel and a place to drink. The biggest legend out of Beer City is the night the town's "sheriff" was shot down by the ENTIRE town.

    Supposedly everyone opened fire on the law man so that no one could be pinned for the crime.

    Nothing is left of this town except for a field where it once stood.

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