The panhandle and west Texas make for some very interesting road trips. Everywhere you go, there's sure to be something waiting for you that never expected to see.

There are half-buried Beetles, combines, and Cadillacs. We even have giant cowboys towering over travelers on the highway. You've probably even seen the giant cross on I40, but what about giant Jesus on I27?

The shrine you'll find sitting just off the road along I27 is a bit jarring when you see it for the first time. I'll never forget my first trip to Lubbock after moving to the panhandle, and asking myself if I had really seen what I thought I saw.


The glass shrine encases a sculpture of Jesus nailed to a giant cross. The sculpture is big enough that you can see it from the road as you pass by. In fact, the whole shrine is designed well enough that you get a pretty good look without having to pull in to take a gander.

The sculpture of Christ is actually a very well done piece. A bloodied Christ is hanging from the cross flanked on either side by a set of steps.

If you actually take the time to get out of your vehicle and visit the shrine, you'll find what is possibly the most interesting aspect of this unexpected shrine. The steps lead up to a walkway that actually allows you to walk between Christ and the cross.

From what I was able to dig up on the Internet (thanks to our friends at Awesome 98 in Lubbock), the sculpture has a pretty good reason for being in Abernathy, Texas. The individual who created the piece moved there and brought the sculpture with him. It was based off of a vision that was had during an earthquake.

The next time you're on I27 and you're near Abernathy, Texas, keep an eye out for the Cristo De Mi Paso; or as Road Side America calls it...Jesus In A Box.

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