In this world, you will find people who are extremely terrified of needles, especially in a medical setting.   It is a real phobia called trypanophobia.  I know this because of I suffer from this phobia in particular.  It can cause serious stress in a person.  Check out this video to see what I'm talking about it.  Feel free to laugh because I did, but it can get this dramatic.


It is possible this girl was being over dramatic or it is possible that the fear of that needle being stuck in her just took over her brain and her emotions.  It happens.

True story: it took 7 people to hold me down for a TB test when I was 7. I do much better these days but I still have to lie down when I have blood taken, if not it is most certain that I will pass out. I see a needle and I get woozy.  It is tough when I have to do a live broadcast at the blood center especially when they want us set up near the blood draw area.  I literally have my back facing the beds the whole time, otherwise they would have to use the smelling salts on me.

Heck, watching this video and seeing the picture on this post made me nauseous.