I get it. For my child, my mom gave me some stuff to put in the area to numb. The greatness of having someone in the medical field was great. It's real life. We all know it. Here we are now with the vaccine. What do we feel is normal.

We all hate needles but this may help you:

Be upfront. We know it will happen. So face it head-on. Everyone hates needles. So being upfront can help you. Calm down. We may all need this so let's move past it.

So here we are in 2020 and we know that the vaccine is here.

We need to be upfront about it. That seems crazy but doctors and nurses are used to people like us that hate needles. They are a bit on the sensitive side and can calm you down,

So if you know you need a shot. Just make sure you know why you are doing it. Is Covid making it worst? So calm down

There are more reasons. Just know we are here to help. We can try to breathe deep. That is important. Yay, here we are to help. Again calm down really

Make sure you think about it. That is so important. Could it be better or worse this year? That is crazy to try to figure it all out.

You may need to make some time and try to take some deep breathing. You get it. Relax and try to get it moving and on your way.

So here we are and try to distract yourself. Oh wait and try not to look back. That is all we can do. Relax, be calm and move on. We will do what we have to......we need to move on.


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