Hotel Artemis just became even more exciting with the addition of four more fantastic cast members: Jeff Goldblum, Jenny Slate, Sterling K. Brown and Charlie Day have all signed on for the feature directorial debut from Iron Man 3 screenwriter Drew Pearce. The quartet of stars join Jodie Foster, who headlines the sci-fi thriller that sounds a little like a futuristic version of the Continental in John Wick — except instead of a hotel for assassins, it’s an underground hospital.

The news comes via Lionsgate and The Ink Factory, and makes Hotel Artemis all the more intriguing — just check out this synopsis:

Written and directed by Drew Pearce, Hotel Artemis is set in the near future and follows a nurse (Foster) who runs an underground hospital for Los Angeles’ most sinister criminals, and finds that one of her patients is actually there to assassinate another.

Foster is also joined by The Mummy’s Sofia Boutella and Dave Bautista for the upcoming thriller, which does not yet have a release date, but we’re definitely keeping an eye on this one — especially with the announcement of those great new co-stars. Goldblum! Slate! Brown! Day! That’s also three stars from the MCU, by the way: Goldblum (Thor: Ragnarok), Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Brown (Black Panther).

Although Hotel Artemis marks his feature directing debut, Pearce is no stranger to working behind the camera: He previously wrote and directed the Marvel one-shot All Hail the King, and has helmed a handful of other short projects, including the music video for Father John Misty’s “The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apartment.”

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