Amarillo is soon to be the home to a new metaphysical store. What's a metaphysical store? Glad you asked.

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Get In Touch With The Universe In Amarillo

In case you aren't familiar with these types of boutiques and shoppes, a metaphysical store usual sells a variety of items that have a unique intended purpose. From incense to crystals, they usually have it all.

Sometimes you'll get really lucky and find a store that not only keeps the staples in stock, but they also deal in unique "curiosities."

Those stores are usually my favorites to walk around so I can take a look at all of the odds and ends they have amassed from all over the world.

Where Will Amarillo's Metaphysical Store Be Located?

According to their Facebook page, Good Intentions Metaphysical will be located at 2809 Wolflin Avenue.

Speaking of their Facebook page, there's a little to go off of, but not much at the moment. Once the store is open, there are promises of videos and sales that you'll want to keep an eye out for.

At the moment, there are a lot of photos of gem stones. Lots, and lots of gem stones.

When Does Amarillo's Metaphysical Store Open?

If you're familiar with this type of store, then you'll crack a smile at this. The store opens on 2-22-22. One wonders if they did that on purpose. They had to have done it on purpose, right?

It's Nice To See Variety In Amarillo

All in all, the thing I'm most excited about is the fact that we're getting something that isn't a restaurant opening in town. In fact, this store is the only one of its kind in Amarillo. The nearest one is in Lubbock.

So if for no other reason than the fact that they're bringing something new to the area, send good vibes their way and wish them the best.

You can check them out on social media here.

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