Grimes and X Æ A-12, her young son with Elon Musk, were stuck in Texas without power during the massive snowstorm that has swept parts of the U.S.

On Wednesday (Feb. 17), the "Delete Forever" singer tweeted about her scary experience in the snowstorm, revealing that she ultimately drove "all night" to flee the hazardous weather.

"Just spent however many days in Austin [with] no power, no heat + a baby in -0," the musician tweeted. "Drove south all night 2 escape incoming storm but roads [are really] dangerous [right now]. Super worried about [people]. What’s [the] best way to get food and heat to [people right now]? This is [very] dangerous [especially] for kids."

Grimes also confirmed that she now lives in Austin, Texas, where her boyfriend resides. The winter storm has caused more than 3.4 million citizens in the state to lose power, including Grimes.

Across the country, the storm has left at least 30 people dead in storm-related incidents and millions of customers still without power. More snow is on its way for southern and eastern parts of the United States.

In December 2020, Grimes' boyfriend, Musk, also the father of their son, announced during the Wall Street Journal CEO Council Summit that he moved to Texas. Since the move, fans had been wondering if he and the pop star were still a couple since it was previously unknown if Grimes moved from California to Texas with him.

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