It is just another morning, I am standing in front of the mirror, curling my hair using the same curling iron I have for the last year, when it happens.  A piece of my hair falls off, because the curling iron burns it in half.

In that moment I was horrified.  I lost a chunk of my hair.  Suffice to say I was horrified.

That seems to be what happens to this poor girl.  All she is trying to do is make a video showing you how to curl your hair when SIZZLE!

See my reaction was the same, disbelief, shock, then almost tears.  Who would have thought your curling iron could go nut-so and burn your hair in half.

Suffice to say the curling iron in my incident went in the trash and I have yet to buy another of the same brand name.

Have you ever had a curling iron burn through your hair?


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