For a lot of us, senior pranks were an expected part of graduation. Everyone in my hometown knew it was going to happen. It was expected.

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For half of the graduating class of 2021 at Comfort High School in Texas, they received in-school suspensions and a ban on participating in senior activities for their prank. News articles say that the total comes to about 40 students.

Blame it on the Plastic Forks

What could have been so bad that half of the graduating class is now sitting on the sidelines for the last part of their high school career? Forking.

In case you've lived under a rock most of your life, forking is when you take plastic forks and stick them in someone's yard. The bigger the box of plastic forks, the more fun you have.

Most of these students simply forked the football field. That's it. They put plastic forks in the ground on a football field that probably isn't seeing an abundant amount of use at the moment.

Rogue Element Takes It One Step Further

According to multiple news reports , there was a small number of students who also went inside the school.

Did they bust up trophy cases? No. Did they take spray paint and write "Comfort High School football rulz!" on the walls? No.

They left behind some balloons, some streamers, a crooked deer head, and it looks like they moved around some furniture. They also put a poorly made "For Sale" sign in front of the school.

You can see photos here.

The Internet Can't Decide if It is Mad or Happy About This

I read through more Twitter threads about this than I should have. Most people think the punishment doesn't fit the crime, but there are those who blather on about "privilege" and learning lessons. Supporters have started the hashtag "FreeTheForkingStudents."

Personally, I ran the superintendent's bicycle up the flag pole as part of a senior prank. It hung there proudly all day. A pillow-case-flag was attached that had "2003" scribbled on it. I hear it took him most of the evening to get that knot undone.

All I got, was yelled at. I also had to spend an hour after school every day for a week running laps in the gym. He happened to be a basketball coach as well.

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