If you love cheesy pop music and you love beer then you will love Hanson's new beer MMMHop.  Yes you read that right!  MMMHop is a new beer that the band Hanson is creating and naming it after their song MMMBop.  Hop rhymes with Bop how funny (insert knee slap here).

Seriously!  Hanson is going into the beer business.    The brothers formed the band back in the late 90's, and hit it big with their song MMMBop in 1997.  In case you forgot about the song here's a reminder.

So for most people the song makes your ear drums want to explode so my question is, why would anyone want to drink a beer named after this song?  Isn't that kind of girly?

Girly is good in some ways but not a beer called MMMHop.  I guess they think it is kind of clever, and that it will sell with the young kids.

Now don't worry the boys or I guess I should say men, are old enough to make their own beer.  For those of you who were young when they were popular, get ready to feel old.

Isaac, the oldest and who played guitar and background vocals in the band is now 31, married with 2 children.  The middle brother Taylor, who did most of the lead singing, and the one the girls went gaga over is now 28 married with 4 children and Zac the youngest, played drums is 26, married with 2 kids.

So I guess their era of cheesy pop music is over and they thought they would take on a different business.

According to the Huffinton Post:

"It's vital our fans have trust in everything Hanson do," Zac Hanson, the band's now 26-year old drummer, explained. "We are soon going to be selling our own beer. I'm not joking - MMMhop IPA anyone?"

So since these boys are from Oklahoma, I wonder if that is where the beer will debut.  MMMHop!

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