Long before ABC officially announced that 'Happy Endings' would produce no more episodes beyond the third season, USA had expressed an interest in purchasing the critical darling in its push for original comedies. The Upfronts came and went with no official change of hand, but has USA's plan to resurrect 'Happy Endings' season 4 now fallen apart?

From bad to worse news for 'Happy Endings' fans, as it seems the series may not find new life on USA after all. Vulture reports that the intense negotiations and general financial agreement for USA's resurrection of the series have fallen apart, at least for the moment.

Studio and network reps were unable to provide a firm comment on the matter, providing hope that a last-minute reversal could well occur, though USA may not prove the network to save the beloved comedy after all. If nothing else, TBS and NBC have also expressed a passing interest in potentially picking up the series. TBS previously set the precedent, having rescued 'Cougar Town' from ABC's cancellation and has renewed it for an additional season since.

Well, what say you? Is it time to say goodbye to 'Happy Endings,' or do you still have hope USA or another network will see the value in the critically-adored sitcom?

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