In recent years the political climate has been less than pleasant on both sides of the aisle.

You can tell America is ready for a more down to earth and authentic approach to the way we do things on a state and national level.

On Friday, February 28th, you have the rare opportunity to spend time with the 2020 District 13 Congressional Candidates.

The event "Coffee with the Candidates" will be held at S & J Coffee House located at 112 SW 6th avenue in downtown Amarillo.

Elaine Hays, Gus Trujillo, and Josh Winegarner are all confirmed to attend.


Elevate Amarillo will host this event.  Their mission is as followed:

We are rooted in Amarillo and we are rooting for Amarillo. We’re focused on the connection between community and commerce. We build better leaders by engaging, connecting, developing, and outreach.


To learn more about Elevate Amarillo or Coffee with the Candidates, visit them on Facebook.

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