Food stamps have been the center of controversy for years.  And now, Congress has been presented with new legislation: Should people who get food stamps be banned from buying junk food?

Food stamps are usually a very heated topic.  For a while the argument has been if recipients should be drug tested and now, it is about junk food.  Should people who receive food stamps have certain foods they can or cannot buy?

Before I begin, I want to say that I am totally for food stamps, when used correctly.  I think that everybody deserves to eat whether they can afford it or not.  I especially, hate the fact that there are so many kids in this world that go hungry.  Kids are innocent and precious.  They don't know how to take care of themselves and if food stamps are the only way they get to eat, then give it to them.

With that being said, I think that a lot of people abuse the system.  I've seen it a million times.  Heck I've even been asked to buy food stamps off people.  But I am in no position to judge anyone else.

Congress has been given new legislation to consider.  Rep. Phil Roe, from Tennessee presented the bill that would ban food stamp recipients from buying junk food.  Roe came with prepared.  He had results from a 2012 study which showed that people with food stamps spend about $2 billion a year on junk food.

They would only be allowed to buy healthy, wholesome foods.  I really don't see a problem with this.  These kinds of food are not only better for you, but leave you full longer.  Junk food usually burns off really fast and then you're hungry again.

When it comes to children, they need to learn how to eat healthy to be healthy.  And if you are hungry and need food stamps, wouldn't you be grateful just to have food?  I say a great compromise would be to only allow a percentage of the food stamps to be spent on junk food.

Everyone deserves a treat every now and again.  :)  How do you feel about it?

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