"Satire" Facebook pages are nothing new. Just spend five minutes searching on Facebook and you'll find pages marked "satire." The problem is, most of them fall short of being actual satire.

Most of the time it's low effort, elementary school level bullying that goes over about as well as a skunk fart.

Then you look at the "Fake Borger Police Department Facebook page."

First, I'm not anti-police. I appreciate the job that the vast majority of officers do. You always hear about the bad ones, and never about the selfless men and women who go above and beyond for their communities. Communities that they love by the way.

That being said, some of the posts are actually pretty funny. It's almost like a Texas panhandle episode of Reno 911! on that page. Especially the self-aware posts that the author makes.

I understand BPD's need to make sure the public is aware of the "satire" page. I'm sure for some that it could be confusing to see BPD talking about a truckload of sex toys scattered on the roadway.

Plus, social media is a quick way to get important information out to the public. I understand concerns that two Facebook pages with the same name could be confusing.

What is most interesting is the comments on the post from the real Borger Police Departments Facebook page about the fake page. Several commenters defend the fake page because of the comic relief it's bringing to these insane times we find ourselves living in.

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