I'm sure you noticed the new trend. Cauliflower is everywhere....it's become the new kale....the new trendy thing. Why is that?

Cauliflower is filled with solid nutrients and more importantly it is very adaptable for cooking. It never leaves you bloated, tired or heavy. It is that food that keeps you full, light and energized.

I know sometimes you need to take veggies and drown it in ranch dressing to choke it down......but not cauliflower. Just head to Pinterest and see all the creative ways to sneak this vegetable in your diet.

Cauliflower makes a great substitute for gluten-filled ingredients. You can use it as a rice substitute.....chicken fried cauliflower rice anyone?  You can also make breads, pizza crust and even pasta out of cauliflower.

Credit: Thinkstock
Credit: Thinkstock

The best part about cauliflower....besides it being so versatile is the health benefits. It is chocked full of nutrients. It is loaded with Vitamin C (for a healthy immune system), Vitamin K (for strong bones), Folate (for a healthy heart), Dietary fiber (for smooth digestion), Omega-3 fatty acids (for brain function), B-Vitamins (for building and repairing cells) and Biotin (for healthy hair, skin and nails).

The benefits are endless. Have you noticed anywhere in Amarillo jumping on the cauliflower bandwagon.....who in town serves it as a substitute? Comment below.