To make up for besmirching Liz Taylor's memory with the Lindsay Lohan dud 'Liz & Dick,' the BBC has hired Helena Bonham Carter to take a shot at playing the violet-eyed screen legend.

It hasn't even started shooting, but we're sure it's already better than the travesty that preceded it. Then again, to make a film about Taylor worse than that, it would probably need to be a musical set in space with puppets and Russell Crowe singing all the roles.

No, wait. Even that sounds better.

The movie will focus on the 1983 Broadway revival of the play 'Private Lives,' with Taylor's two time ex-husband Richard Burton played by Dominic West. (For your reading pleasure, New York Magazine has republished the original article about that time period in the famous couple's tumultuous relationship.)

For its part, the BBC calls its latest slew of drama films, including the new Taylor/Burton biopic, a "bold, adventurous, authorial approach that exports because of its Britishness, not despite it."

If you need us, we'll just be off having a spot of tea and some crumpets to celebrate.