For most of us, we have that one thing that we love to collect. Things like trading cards, video games, comic books, and stamps are the hallmarks of many collections. For some of us, it's farm toys.

Coming up this weekend, there's actually a toy show in the area. There will be several displays and vendors on hand.

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It's the 2nd Annual Hi-Plains Toy the Cole Community Center in Canyon. It's on March 6. It opens at 9 AM and goes until 3 PM.

Here's a link to more information. Click here.

It was tough to find a lot of info about the toy show. I wound up having to dive through groups and online communities devoted to farm related toys.

In the same way that toy train enthusiasts build entire landscapes for their trains to traverse, farm toy collectors build entire scenes for their toy trucks, combines, tractors, and buildings.

Growing up, I actually had a friend in 4H (imagine that) who collected this stuff. Personally, I wasn't a fan of those steel toys. They hurt when you accidentally step on them, and hurt even more when you provoke someone into throwing a John Deere at you.

Usually it's because you accidentally stepped on something.

The Hi-Plains Toy Show will have more than just farm toys. There's going to be Hot Wheels there, custom farm machinery, and everything in between; according to a flyer I found online.

If you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary to do this weekend, this might be worth looking at. Admission is pretty cheap, especially considering kids 12 and under get in free.

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