Believe it or not, Amarillo once was a hotbed of music. There have been many legendary concerts right here in Yellow City. From Elvis to, Twisted Sister we've seen it all.

Here's another reminder of the amazing concerts Amarillo once had.

London Calling From Amarillo Texas

The year was 1983. It was May 18. The venue was Amarillo Civic Center.

That was the time and place where The Clash came to Yellow City. A recent post on Reddit posted the flyer for the show asking if anyone remembered the concert.

Amarillo Becomes A Part Of Rock N Roll History

The Amarillo stop in 1983 for The Clash was part of a small string of gigs leading up to the infamous, and disastrous, show for the band at The US Festival.

Long story short, the band wound up hours late to their festival headlining gig and then proceeded to just "phone-in" the performance, according to some. Festival organizers were less than amused.

Especially when the band put the words "The Clash Are Not For Sale" on the screen behind them. It seemed that The Clash weren't happy with the commercial nature of the festival, and they weren't happy with what was being done to rock n roll.

Organizers fought back by putting an image of their check for $500,000 on the screen behind them. Supposedly that led to a fight between The Clash and the event's crew.

It Was The End Of The Clash

Four months later, Joe Strummer and Mick Jones would have their final falling out. It was the end for one of the most influential bands of their era, despite attempts to keep going with revised lineups.

This was a time when The Clash were at their peak. "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" and "Rock The Casbah" were titan tracks. The album, Combat Rock spent 61 weeks on the US charts.

Unfortunately, as is usually the case, two creative superpowers just finally reached their breaking point. And somehow, right there in the middle of the story, is Amarillo, Texas.

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