The music is too will go deaf. Loud music is not good for you. We have heard that for years. Maybe, though, there is some good news about concerts.

Even if it involves traveling to get there. We do have some shows at the Civic Center, Globe News for Performing Arts....even Starlight Ranch. We have to travel to Lubbock, Dallas or Oklahoma City for the bigger ones.

Even those loud productions can be good for us. How? Well they are good for your life expectancy. Very good.

If you can go to a concert every couple weeks it can extend your life expectancy by nine years. That is worth the travel time.

According to a study a person's well-being is increased by 21% from just 20 minutes of watching a concert....compared to 10% for doing yoga, and 7% for dog-walking.

Let's face it concerts make us happy....and happiness increases our time on this planet. People who go to concerts are not only happier but it helps with productivity and self-esteem.

So you get invited to go to a concert....any need to go. It will be good for your health!


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