806 Health Tip: Breakfast Really Is An Important Meal
As you were growing up I know you have heard your mom tell you to eat breakfast. You can't leave for school without something in your stomach. You know to this day that she was right. Do you still find yourself skipping that most important meal though?
806 Health Tip: Exercise For The Sake Of Your Heart
Having a heart attack is probably low on your list of priorities. You want to avoid that health drama at all cost. Oh and you can increase your odds with a bit of exercise. We just have to do the work that is needed. That is where we kind of back off.
806 Health Tip: The Good Things About Getting Older
I know youth has its perks. You generally feel a lot better. Your health is there. Oh and the energy you young whipper snappers have. Am I right? You know what though, getting older is not all that bad. I mean it sure beats the alternative.
806 Health Tip: Ways You Are Using That Mask Wrong
Are you used to wearing that mask yet? I know they are not the easiest to get used to. I have tried. Oh, and I have tried to understand people who are wearing one. That is sometimes the toughest part. I know that masks have become a normal part of our days.
806 Health Tip: Reasons To Get Healthy
We have so many reasons we want to get in shape. We do know it is better for us. We also get that it makes us feel better about ourselves too. So we look into ways to get in shape. We vow to eat better and try to exercise. If we don't have the time to exercise we will for sure get up and move a…
806 Health Tip: Stress Causes Health Issues
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Right? Isn't that the line from "A Tale of Two Cities?" I would have to admit that is about how we feel about 2020 as a whole. I mean you get it right?
806 Health Tip: Putting Your Best Face Forward
We have learned in the past few months the importance of washing your hands. You have to use soap and warm water and wash for at least 20 seconds. I think we have finally learned the value of that. We have learned about keeping our phones clean. We know we can now you antibacterial wipes to clean ou…
806 Health Tip: Plants Don't Really Clean The Air
Growing up I had plants all over the house. I felt like I was living in a jungle. My mom definitely had a green thumb. Me, not so much! I can successfully kill a cactus I am afraid. I heard time and time again how having all those plants were good for us. We had really clean air in my house thanks t…

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