When was it that cheese got such a bad reputation? We are asked if we want to add cheese to our burger and we feel guilty if we really want to say yes. Why is it we feel cheese shamed?

I think we have been programmed to think that something it tastes good, it has to be bad for us. We feel that in order to be healthy, we need to just say no. That may not actually be the case. I mean, if you are lactose intolerant I still wouldn't get crazy with the Cheez Whiz, but as a whole, cheese is not going to be the sole reason for any weight gain.

If you look at your diet and you are catching the pounds creeping up, you need to look and see what really may be causing it. You may be eating more refined grains. Oh you have included a lot more potatoes into your diet. That could be more than likely the culprit. Are you eating more processed foods? Guilty. Odds are that is what is causing the weight gain. The other stuff. Not the cheese.

Some people have even found that eating some cheese has even helped them lose a little weight. Well that really is some good news.

I love cheese. I feel like I always have some in my refrigerator. I do feel guilty when I reach for the bag. It's not the cheese. It's more than likely the tortilla chips that I am loading it on. So if you can make healthier choices overall you don't have to worry about the cheese. Stick to adding a slice of cheese on a chicken breast. Or make the choice to cheese up your salad. Those choices equal big wins for you in the long run.

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