In this day and age, it's often hard to believe what scams people are capable of falling for. Take for instance the classic scam where a sheriff's office demands bitcoin or gift cards to take care of a pesky warrant.

Here is your friendly reminder that the sheriff's office doesn't want your Bitcoin.

Scammers Are Working Over Time In Potter County

Usually when I see a scam alert on social media from an area sheriff's office, I stop to see what new techniques scammers are using because I find that kind of thing interesting. Unfortunately, this was not interesting. It's actually kind of sad.

According to an alert put out on social media by Potter County Sheriff's Office, scammers are still working overtime in the area trying to separate you from your hard earned cash. The method is one that we all should be familiar with.

The scammer calls you, pretends to be from the sheriff's office, and then wants you to take care of a warrant with gift cards, cash, credit cards, and even Bitcoin.

What Is The Biggest Red Flag To Watch Out For?

Most likely, the biggest red flag to watch out for is the phone call. The Potter County Sheriff's Office, and any sheriff's office really, isn't going to call you. As the post above so clearly states, they're just going to show up. In person. At your door.

That's how they take care of things. Not with a phone call asking for you to go get some gift cards for them, or Bitcoin.

As weird as it sounds to think that someone would honestly fall for that, there are apparently several people who still are. Perhaps it's just their not thinking clearly because they don't want to be in any kind of trouble.

If you get a phone call like this and you want to know if it's legit or not, just hang up and then call the sheriff's office to get clarification. That's always a solid move.

Don't go buy Bitcoin for a sheriff's office. Just, don't.

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