Ladies, having trouble deciding what to dress up as at your Halloween party?  Well, the guys at conducted a survey to find out what the sexiest Halloween costumes for women are.  Here's the list:

  • 42% of men think a Vampire is the sexiest costume for women.
  • Female Skeletons (???) is second with 21%.
  • Female Ghosts are next with 19%.
  • Female Zombies are next with 17%.

Other ideas are Catwoman, Little Mermaid, Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, Lady Zorro, and  Sexy Chucky (yes, not kidding).

So where can you get these costumes?  Here's a list of online retailers selling Halloween costumes for adults:

Want to throw a killer Halloween party but you are not sure what theme to choose?  Well, the gang at have a list of the 35 best Halloween party themes.  These include DYI Halloween decoration ideas and more.  You can get the list by clicking HERE.

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