I don't know about you but I'm already starting to see leaves all over the place in Amarillo.  Certain trees have given in and started dropping their leaves.  My tree hasn't dropped its leaves yet but it is only a matter of time.  My tree drops a massive amount of leaves and it takes forever to rake and bag and rake and bag.

It's a miserable chore, but this year, I'm not going to rake my leaves and I won't even ask my sweetheart or my son to rake the leaves.   We are going to leave them.

Why would anyone want to do that?  Well the National Wildlife Federation had some great tips.  Here's why you shouldn't rake your leaves or pay someone to rake your leaves.

  • Good For the Environment

    When you rake leaves you are messing with the environment by adding to the pollution.  It's possible you use a leaf blower or vacuum (or your lawn guy does).  That adds to fuel pollution and noise pollution(nothing like the sound of a leaf blower on the one morning you get to sleep in). Or you bag them and toss them in the garbage and those leaves will sit in those garbage bags in a landfill.   So skip the lawn clean up this year for the sake of the environment and those that neighbord that sleep in on the weekends.  It will save you from the angry neighbor that runs out into the driveway screaming "SHUT UP" in their undone robe and underwear.

  • It's Good For Wildlife

    Certain creatures use those leaves for food, protection and to build nest.  Picture this, beautiful butterflies or busy moths working and living in their season.  They know their time is coming to a close and they find these beautiful  leaves hanging on a tree and they use them to lay their eggs in hopes of a future for their kind.  Then the leaves fall and these human rake, rake, rake, and those eggs are destroyed or dumped in a landfills to die.   Save a butterfly and save a moth and don't take away the home of a bird or a cute little squirrel who needs a leaf to block the rain from hitting his tiny little squirrel head or needs leaf blanket to bundle up with in the snow.  Don't rake.

  • Saves You Money

    Turn those old leaves into mulch for your gardens.  Why buy mulch every year when you can take your old leaves and store them in a giant trash can,  (I hear a weed eater is a good tool to crunch them up), for later.  When Spring rolls around you have mulch for your flower beds and you don't have to go and buy bags from the store.

  • It's Good For Your Yard

    When those leaves fall and they are already or about to fall, then leave them on your yard.  The leaves help prevent weeds and they also serve as fertilizer.   You might run them over with your lawnmower a few times with the mulching blade and just make sure the bag is off.  Isn't it amazing how nature works.  It uses its own dead to create more living.

  • They Become a New Toy

    Let's face it, jumping into a big pile of leaves is the best feeling in the world.  Just pile them up and run and jump over and over and over.  It brings joy, and with enough jumping, the leaves will eventually get mulched by body weight.  You have fun and skip a step as mentioned above.

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