It seems like our spring has been full of rain and hail recently. It's like feast or famine here in the Texas Panhandle. We were first in a rain deficit and now it looks like the burn bans have been listed.

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That part is good. It's what came with the rain that is worrisome. There was a lot of rain that flooded our streets. With that also came the hail. The sizes were anywhere from penny sized hail, to golf ball sized hail, even heard repots of softball sized hail. All of that can really cause some damage to your cars and roofs to your house.

As we learned earlier there are a ton of people looking for a quick buck. They are going door to door trying to get your business. They can fix that roof. No problem. Not so fast. Anything that seems that fast and furious please be cautious about. Do your research.

This is why local is always the better way to go. If you call someone from the area you know they will be here down the road when you have trouble. How are you going to get ahold of that other company? You probably won't be able to.

You definitely want to get your roof looked at in a timely matter. Roof damage from hail can cause some headaches to you in the future. How do you know if you actually have hail damage on your roof? A good way is to inspect your home's exterior. Do you notice that your gutters have hail damage to them? Do you notice that your siding to your home has dinged areas? If you are noticing damage other places than you are probably safest to have someone check out your roof as well.

If you let your roof keep deteriorating that is when you can end up with a bigger headache. Yes it seems funny on TV when you see a show with people running around with buckets to place under a leaking roof. It is not so funny when it happens in real life. Those leaky roofs can cause a lot of damage inside your house too. Stuff that you will have to replace and those charges add up.

So when you know you need someone you can rely on always go local. They will be there from start until finish.

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