It pays to be honest.

Actually, it pays quite handsomely.

Glen James, a homeless man in Boston who returned a backpack he found filled with $40,000 worth of cash and traveler’s checks to the police, will earn a sweet payday for his efforts, thanks to Ethan Whittington, an Alabama native who was moved by James.

Whittington's Internet campaign has raised more than $70,000 for James, who will also get a citation from the Boston Police Department.

The response has been so overwhelming that there’s now a goal to raise $250,000, with the aim of James using the funds to build his own house.

James also says people have stopped on the street over the last few days to give him money. In fact, he's raked in so much cash he's been able to open a bank account.

You can see James being honored by Boston police below, as well as a video about the campaign to raise money for him, below:


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