I don't know about you, but I cannot stand spending a ton of unnecessary money on cleaning supplies.  I mean why spend the extra cash when you can make a lot of those products at home with stuff you already have in your cabinets.  I have carpets in my home and I also have pets, well I love using the carpet deodorizing powder on my floors.  They stuff isn't cheap.  I went to grab some out of my cabinet one day and I was out, but that didn't stop me, I made my own out of ingredients I already had on hand.

Here's the stuff you'll need:

carpet deodorizer ingredients
TSM Amarillo

At least 2 cups of baking soda

A mason jar with holes poked in the top or any shaker jar (an old clean Parmesan cheese jar will work as well)

essential oil


Put the baking soda in the jar, then add 20-30 drops of essential oil in the jar, mix and let sit overnight if possible.  Enjoy your nice smelling carpets.

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