There are several reasons you may not have been to the dentist in a long time. Maybe you can't afford it. Maybe you don't have insurance which is why you can't afford. You just don't have time. You don't like going to the dentist.

I get it there are many reasons. We can help you with the first two reasons. Going to the dentist is recommended every six months. So if it has been awhile you really need to go. There are so many issues you can have later in life by putting this simple task off.

So going to the dentist shouldn't be expensive. Especially if you don't have insurance. So what can you do? How about making an appointment at Amarillo College. If you haven't been in awhile or due a cleaning before the next school year now is the perfect time.

The summer semester is about to start and their dental hygiene program students are looking for patients. This is where you step in. The best news is they will see patients of all ages. So whether it is you needing a cleaning or your kids, they have you covered.

The cost is only $35 and that covers the cleaning, the x-rays and fluoride treatment. That is a great price. So there really is no reason to put it off any longer. If you happen to be a student or faculty of Amarillo College the news gets even better. Your cleaning will be free.

credit: Amarillo College
credit: Amarillo College

So no more excuses. Don't put off that cleaning any longer. Make sure you schedule your appointment HERE. You can have the cleanest teeth in town and also know it hasn't emptied your checking account either.


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