Melissa Bartlet

Football Is Not Over For These Four Area High Schools
I love this time of year. Following all the high school sports. This year may have sidelined a lot of things but luckily a lot of teams got to play this year. I love seeing how late into this 2020 football season there are still four high schools playing their hearts out.
You Can Help The Homeless Here In Amarillo Through This Weather
We see countless memes going around saying that if you are cold so are your pets. Make sure you bring them inside. This is one hundred percent true. I feel bad enough making my dog, Chipper, go outside to use the restroom. She hates going out. So I put a puppy pad out just in case when I leave for w…
806 Health Tip: The Type Of Mask You Use Does Matter
I still find it surreal to see so many people walking around with masks on. I never thought that this is what 2020 had in store for us. I don't know how many times I get to the door at Walgreens or United and have to walk back to grab my mask.

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