Melissa Bartlet

Sign Your Kids Up For Swim Lessons This Summer
I don't really remember a time in my life that I couldn't swim. Oh, wait yes I can. It was that moment when I was about four years old and I was on a house boat with my family. I was jumping from side to side over the stairwell. My next memory was falling in. I didn't know how to swim. I remember gasping for air as my brother's rushed to get family to help.
806 Health: How You Can Avoid Back Pain
As we get older things start to hurt. First it may be your knees. Oh and then you pulled a muscle in your back. Things just hurt. They just do. Whether it is our muscles, our joints, our necks or even our whole bodies. It is a thing.
806 Health: Food Can Put You In A Mood
We know what the term hangry means, right? We know that we get so hungry that our anger comes out. That is when we know that we need to get some food and pronto. It really is a thing.
Football Is Not Over For These Four Area High Schools
I love this time of year. Following all the high school sports. This year may have sidelined a lot of things but luckily a lot of teams got to play this year. I love seeing how late into this 2020 football season there are still four high schools playing their hearts out.

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