I have seen pictures of the Ghost Ghost girl decorations on Pinterest for years and I thought it would be cool to make, however, I never could find instructions on how to make it.

First of all, it isn't as easy to make as it may look.

What you'll need:

14 ft. roll of chicken wire, 36 inches wide.  I found mine at Gebos, but you can find it at Lowe's, Home Depot, any hardware store.
Thin roll of wire
Wire Cutters
Work Gloves (so the wire doesn't cut you)
Glow in the Dark Spray paint

First you take a 40 inch piece of the chicken wire and shape it into the bottom of the dress.  Then take a 20 inch piece of the chicken wire and shape it into a bodice.
Once you have that done connect the bodice to the skirt with the thin wire.

Then take three 20 inch pieces of the chicken wire and bend them to look like ruffles and then attach them around the previous skirt you made attaching them at the waist with the thin wire.

Take the design into a well ventilated area and spray paint it.  We covered ours with 3 cans of spray paint.  You may need at least 6-9 cans to get a really good coat on the chicken wire.

Display in your yard.  The sun will charge the paint during the day and at night it will glow looking like a ghost girl.

Here's a video, please note that we could not get a good picture of the dress glowing in the dark.  Even though we could see it glowing the camera could not.

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