So the first day of school is upon us.  We are 6 days away from the start of the 2014 - 2015 school year.  This day has been sneaking up and your wonder, where did the time go?  You are about to send your baby to school for the very first time.   It will be a hard day so here are a few tips to prepare for this moment.    Good News!  You will survive!


You Will Cry

Let's face it you will cry.  It may be when you wake up in the morning.  It may be when you are loading up in the car.  It may happen when you are walking out of the classroom leaving your baby in a strangers care.  You may cry the whole time.  Just be prepared and know that you are going to cry and know it is OK.  I didn't cry in front of my son, I bawled all the way to work.   This day ranks up there with leaving your newborn in the care of someone else when you have to go back to work after maternity leave.

Be Prepared for Your Child To Cry or for Them to Blow You Off

Remember this is scary for them.  It is new and overwhelming.  They may break out into tears.  On the other hand be prepared for them to blow you off, "I got this mom, you can leave."  They both sting, but it just means your baby is growing up.

Take Lots of Pictures

This day only happens once so document it.  Fill your entire cell phone with picture after picture.   Your child will be sick of pictures by the time you are done, but hey, like I said this day only happens once.

Take Advantage of Meet the Teacher Night

Meet the teacher is happening this week so take full advantage of it.  Meet your child's teacher.  Familiarize you and your child with their new surroundings.   Walk through the school, find the classroom, the cafeteria, the restrooms, the playground, the office, and walk the path your child will take.  Show them where you will pick them up at the end of the day. It makes the first day of school less scary.

Be Prepared to Offer Reassurance

Just as you are semi-dreading this day, so are your babies.  It is new, it is change, it is exciting.  They are going to be just as scared as you are, but they are going to be super excited.  Calm their fears and encourage their excitement.

Be Nice to their Teachers

Teachers are not super heroes, they are there to educate your child.   However,  they fall in love with their kids.  Especially kindergarten teachers.  It takes a special heart to teach these little ones.  Respect them and their decisions, their best interest is in the best interest of your child.   I was blessed with the most amazing kindergarten teacher for my son.  She was loving, she was patient and she helped me to finally get a diagnosis for my son's autism.  Remember, they want your child to learn just as much as you do.

Be Prepared to Talk A Lot About the First Day of School Once It is Over

Your child will hop into your car with so many stories to tell that they will probably have conversation until bedtime.  You'll find how just how awesome their teacher was, you'll find out all about their new friends, you will find out about the fun subjects, you will find out about the school hamburgers in the cafeteria, you will find out about the school mascot, you will find out about the school pet.  It will be endless, but in your heart you will breathe a sigh of relief that they loved it.

The first day of school ever, is always a tough day, but you will get through it.  Just make sure you have plenty of tissue, waterproof mascara and lots of hugs to give.

Good news it gets easier each year!  Now I haven't experienced sending my child to middle school or high school, yet.  I hear that is tough.  However, I think the next time you will feel the pain of the first day of school is when you leave your child at college for the first time.