Let's face it!  We are in the middle of Winter.  I know there are crazy people out there that love this time of year.  I'm just kidding, but I cannot stand being cold.  So how does one warm up on a cold day?  Well there are a few ways to do just that.

Big Fuzzy Blanket

Lori Crofford

I have this big fuzzy Texas Tech blanket that my boyfriend gave me.  It's the warmest blanket I have ever had (not counting my electric blanket on my bed), so I will wrap myself in a little cocoon within its warmth.

Big Cup of Coffee

What can I say, I love a hot cup of coffee.  I have a cup that holds at least 3 regular size cups of coffee.  I will get my coffee as hot as I can and sip on it.

Hot Bath

When I cannot stop being cold, I mean I am cold to the core, I will run the hottest bath that I can stand and soak in it.  It's amazing how quick that chill goes away.


Hey one great way to warm up is to cuddle with your sweetheart.  I will shove my cold feet under Joshua and then he'll wrap his arms around me and we will cuddle on the couch and watch a movie.  Instant warmth.

Fire in the Fireplace

I will also start a fire in my fireplace and then sit in front of it until my back is on fire.

Crawl Into Bed with the Electric Blanket on High

This is usually my last resort unless I'm going to bed.  I will crank my electric blanket up then go jump in bed and lay there until I start sweating.

So those are just a few way I stay warm and warm up on a cold day!  What do you do?