We are used to some of our favorite restaurants being closed on Sundays. It hurts because that ends up being the day we really crave them. Am I right? I mean we seem to crave Chick-fil-A a bit more. We want a burger from Blue Sky. Oh, and we want BBQ from Spicy Mike's.

The good news is this Sunday if BBQ is what you are craving, you will actually be in luck. This Sunday is the one and only Sunday that Spicy Mike's - 6723 S Western - will be open for you to satisfy that craving.

The best part is that being said they are only opening to help out Blankets of Love here in Amarillo. If you haven't heard of them they are pretty great. They offer warm hand sewn blankets to children and families of the Texas Panhandle at no cost.

This is the only Sunday of the year that we are open. Come out and support this group. Their Blankets of Love provide warmth for those in need and a message of hope that is needed by many today. 100% of money taken in today goes to purchase their supplies for the year. Our business is proud to support this group. Hope to see you this Sunday.

We know how cold our winters can get. We also know from last year that the power can go out. Sometimes those blankets are all families have to keep warm and alive. So this is a great organization.

So where does Spicy Mike's fit in? Well you can satisfy that craving for $15 and get yourself a great lunch. The lunch consists of sausage, brisket, potato salad, coleslaw, beans, Texas toast, dessert and a drink. I guarantee you will not leave hungry. The hours of this is Sunday from 11am - 2pm.

credit: Spicy Mike's
credit: Spicy Mike's

So grab the family and get a great meal while helping to make sure other families stay warm this winter.

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