Let's be real: everyone wants to be in the new 'Star Wars' movies (well, except for Jason Statham), and that includes Marvel star Mark Ruffalo, who famously plays The Hulk/Bruce Banner in 'The Avengers.' While the cast for 'Star Wars: Episode 7' is already filled up, though, there's still hope for the actor to join 'Star Wars: Episode 8,' and he's already e-mailed his old buddy Rian Johnson to ask for a part ... any part.

Just how badly does Ruffalo want a role in 'Star Wars: Episode 8'? "Desperately," he told Collider in an interview. And he might get his chance, not only because he's firmly embedded within Disney with Hulk, but he also has an in with the director, with whom he rekindled his relationship. Said the actor:

My e-mail to Rian after all these years was, “Rian, congratulations on everything you’ve been doing.  And by the way, if there’s a part in 'Star Wars,' please, anything, please consider considering me to join you.”

Ruffalo worked with Johnson on the director's second feature film, 'The Brother's Bloom,' which saw the actor as one-half of a brotherly con-man duo opposite Adrien Brody. With the main cast for 'Star Wars 7' set -- including the return of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill, as well as franchise newcomers like Daisey Ridley, Adam Driver, Dohmnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac -- perhaps Johnson will have something a little off-the-cuff for Ruffalo, like a motion-captured role.

"Definitely be interested in doing something like that for 'Star Wars,'" he continued, since he's already a fan of the technology through his work on 'The Avengers' and 'The Avengers 2.' "After this last 'Avengers' and the work we’re doing with that, and the advancement of the technology even since the first 'Avengers,' I’m so excited about where we can go with motion capture. I hope that I’m on the front line of this kind of new frontier of creativity and performance that is completely boundless."

'Star Wars: Episode 8' won't hit theaters until 2017, following Lucasfilm's current model of alternating their yearly releases with a trilogy installment and spinoff film, but we'll keep you posted with more info as it becomes available. Though, we're sure Disney (and Johnson, for that matter) wouldn't say no to Hulk if he wanted some 'Star Wars' action.

Think you know 'Star Wars'? Test your knowledge in our video below.

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