Before I ever moved to Amarillo, people were telling me about the one place I needed to set at least one night aside for. It was a magical place that probably wouldn't be my go-to, but it would show me an awfully good time. Supposedly, it was a bunch of nightclubs all smooshed together under one roof.

We need to bring back Graham's, or at least something like it.

You see it posted on social media constantly. People new to Amarillo think that the only entertainment we have in town is country music. First of all, they couldn't be more wrong. There's a lot more, you just have to look for it. Second of all, they aren't wrong. We do need some more options. Variety is the spice of life, or so I've heard it said.

The only place we had that offered a lot of variety, and conveniently did it under one roof, was Graham Central Station. I moved to town after they had closed, but I've been told it was a good spot to go since there were something like 5 clubs in the building. The clubs ranged from a disco to a spot perfect for a two-step, and there was everything in between.

Unfortunately, Graham Central Station hasn't been a thing in Amarillo, Texas for quite some time.

I have been to a place like that when I lived in Oklahoma, and it was fun. There was a fun little spot for karaoke, and they had a fantastic piano bar that usually had a hilarious dueling pianos set going. The only downside was trying to make your way through the crowd from one club to the other. It would be interesting to see a place like that come back to town, and finally, people could stop asking if there's more than country music in Amarillo.

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