We're all familiar with Cadillac Ranch. It's an iconic road side attraction along Route 66. What you might not be as familiar with are the other ranches we have in the area. For instance, we have Slug Bug Ranch; a ranch in the same vein as Cadillac Ranch, but with Slug Bugs.

There are some important changes are coming for the famous Slug Bug Ranch.

If you've ever traveled along I-40 outside of Amarillo, Texas, near Conway, then you've seen the Slug Bug Ranch. The half buried, tilted, painted Slug Bugs are perched all pretty, lined up in a row. It's long been one of my favorite things to see as I travel across the Texas panhandle.

Michael J. Rivera, Townsquare Media
Michael J. Rivera, Townsquare Media

According to reports, it looks like the iconic site along Route 66 is going to have to move. Sad news.

The Slug Bugs are all going to have to be moved to a new location. According to the information I've been able to dig up, it looks like the owner of the property that the "ranch" sits on is ready to move on from the installation.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that there already seems to be a new home for the Slug Bugs, and it isn't too far from the current one. Supposedly, the new home of Slug Bug Ranch will be only about a mile south from the current one.

It's sad that the owner of the land wants the installation gone.

It's great that there's already another place for Slug Bug Ranch to live on.

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