The Route 66 Festival in Amarillo, Texas last year was a blast to attend. I went, and it looked like a giant success. The multi-day event spanned the entire Texas panhandle and featured an insane variety of activities. Apparently, I'm not the only one that feels this way. The fest went so well that it has been nominated for an impressive award.

Texas Route 66 Festival In Amarillo, Texas Is Nominated For Big Award

I saw the news early today. The Texas Route 66 Festival has been nominated for the best new festival in the USA Today Reader's Choice Award. At this very moment, it's sitting at number 6 on the leaderboard.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

Interestingly enough, the current holder of the top spot is another Texas festival. The top of the leaderboard right now is the HWY30 Music Fest: Texas Edition.

What Is The Texas Route 66 Festival In Amarillo, Texas

The entire festival, and that word is not big enough to contain everything that went on, lasts for days on end. There are bus tours that take you across the Texas panhandle. There was music, music, and more music. For over a week, there was something planned almost every single day.

Unfortunately, the weather got involved and some of those events were canceled.


This year, it looks like it's going to be the same format. The Route 66 Fest will be days on end of activities, performances, food, music, more food, and who knows what else. That's what made the fest so fun last year, and makes it something I'll look forward to this year.

My favorite part was the big finale on Sixth Street. The whole area of historic Route 66 on Sixth was basically turned into an all-day block party. It was a blast.

You can vote for the Texas Route 66 Festival by following this link, and you can see who our competition is.

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