Spring is around the corner. Summer follows pretty quick after. Before you know it, you'll be wanting to hang out by the pool or at the lake. You're probably kicking around the idea of getting back in the gym. Get that summer-bod tight and toned, and ready.

If you're into intense workouts, here are some places you can try CrossFit in Amarillo.

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Here Are 4 Places You Can Find, And Try, CrossFit In Amarillo Texas

When you do a Google search for CrossFit, you get a lot of results that may or may not actually have anything to do with CrossFit. There's a lot of just regular ol' gyms that pop up.

However, there are some CrossFit specific options for you to check out in Yellow City:

  1. CrossFit 806 - website has a big focus on tailoring a workout plan specific to you. Really focused on pointing out that the workouts can be adjusted to the individual and their specific needs.
  2. CrossFit Amarillo - The first thing you see? Everyone showing off their gainz. Picture highlights diverse group of people who get gainz at this CrossFit gym. It's for everyone. Big focus on community.
  3. Tornado Alley CrossFit - So far, the first one I've seen (on their website) really mention anything about the CrossFit games. Yes, competition can be a part of your CrossFit experience. Website doesn't have much going on. Just some basic info.
  4. Palo Duro CrossFit - Yeah, this one isn't technically in Amarillo. It's in Canyon. If you're closer to Canyon than Amarillo, this would be a viable option for you to check out.

Click the link, fill out the forms, let the gyms contact you and figure out which one you want to try out. Palo Duro CrossFit advertises a free week trial on their website. Might be worth checking out.

What Is CrossFit And Why Does It Make Me Nervous?

In the spirit of transparency, I've never been to a CrossFit gym. I've flirted with the idea, done a lot of research, but just never took the plunge. Nothing against CrossFitters or their workouts. I still dream of giving it a try.

From what I know from my research and watching some insane videos on YouTube, CrossFit is a high intensity workout program/style that exists to get you results, and to do it fast.

You look at photos and videos of people who have been doing CrossFit consistently, and you notice a trend. The people featured in most promotional materials all have similar qualities.

They're all shredded...jacked...ripped...cut...swoll...you get it.

It makes me, and probably you, nervous because you've seen the same videos I have. The workouts are incredibly intense. You get involved with this, you will be pushing yourself.

Don't worry, though. CrossFit is also supposedly really, really, into community building. There will be a lot of people cheering you on as you reconsider the series of events that led you to this place.

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